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Someone’s Killing Masks.

Especially for KBK, The Watchmen Trailer.

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  1. sushispook says


  2. jgcr says

    things that excite me:
    – most of it
    – the cosmic-osity

    things that concern me:
    – too much cosmic-osity, not enough grit
    – “from the visionary director of 300″
    – smashing pumpkins — rilly?

    • subtly_modded says

      The Smashing Pumpkins thing make me wonder just a little bit, too. But really, it’s just the voice that seemed out of place for me. Corrigan’s voice has always been too whiny to me. The music itself fit just fine, says me.

      I think that the grit is gonna be there. Most of what we saw was Manhattan and flashbacks, you know? And those flashbacks told by Manhattan. I think that once we see more of Rorschach and the modern-time stuff, the grit is gonna be there.

      Must go watch again now…

      • sushispook says

        come on now – licensed music can only make this music awesome. you know they’re going to use pink’s “Get the Party Started (I’m Coming Up)” as the police race up the stairs to try and arrest Rorschach.

        • psymbiotic says

          I’d start throwing punches if that happened.

          Egan :p

        • subtly_modded says


          I’m prepared to let the trailer go with licensed music, because it’s a trailer. Trailers are notorious for using crap/overplayed/iffy music. I heard the FFC Dracula music played during a trailer just the other day.

          Oh man. I just searched for info on an OST and came across this page. *snerk* “The Joker”? BLEGH. Fans are funny sometimes.

          Seriously, I’m first in line to get that orchestral score. Please please please let them have a decent orchestral score.

      • subtly_modded says

        Wow, I was really articulate there, huh? Goes to show what the visuals in a trailer will do to me!

    • mr_chip says

      That particular Smashing Pumpkins song was originally released on (recorded for?) the soundtrack to Batman Forever, so maybe it’s in there as a subtle joke.

  3. psymbiotic says

    *head pop*

    Egan :D

  4. crisper says

    Prolly gonna be in front of Dark Knight when you see it tonight. (It’s been in front TDK during the industry pre-screenings that have been going on all week, apparently.)

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