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This is my life:

Fucking cats won’t let me sleep.

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  1. water_of_fire says

    Mine does the same thing, but the more he steps all over me with his sharp little paws, the less I mind.

    • jorm says

      Holy crap. Is that your cat? He’s the spitting image of my eldest, Simon. Seriously.

      • water_of_fire says

        My God. How is this gorgeous tuxedo not Aramis? That is indeed the furry sunshine of my life.

        • jorm says

          It’s the toes, man. Simon’s two middle toes on all paws are white.

          • water_of_fire says

            It’s all about the toes. Aramis has two white toes on one front paw, all white toes on the other front paw, a white sock on one back paw, and a white boot on the other back paw. I also find the white whiskers insanely charming.

            How old is Simon? How big is he? My boy is a year and a half, twelve pounds. God, they even have similiarly huge ears.

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