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Holy crap, the new cat’s name is Clementine.

I never would have guessed that.

It doesn’t show it in the photo, but Simon is like, three times as big as Clementine is. Easy. I think he’s gotten bigger since she showed up. He was this teeny cat for the longest time, and then Mosfet moved in, and he bulked up to “normal” size pretty quickly. And now, it seems that he’s gotten even bigger.

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  1. g_na says

    How are Simon and Clementine getting along? Is Simon okay about having another cat in the house?

    • jorm says

      They’re getting along well! Right after that photo was taken, Clementine hopped up onto the arm of the couch and snuggled in next to Simon.

      From time to time they wrestle, and it looks like they are having fun for about, oh, 40 seconds, and then there is some hissing. But I expect that will get better over the next couple weeks.

      In other news, I just saw your clone walking on Potrero. Like, less than a minute ago – probably while you were typing this comment.

      • g_na says

        Weird. So, I’m adopted. But I was born in SF. And once I saw a woman who I thought looked a lot like me, but was a bit older than me. I’ve since wondered if I have blood relatives around here, because it would be quite odd if I happened to end up meeting one of them.

        • jorm says

          She was you, down to the hair cut and the color. I thought she *was* you, and almost waved, but then realized it wasn’t. Which is good, ’cause a random stranger would probably get freaked out by a shirtless dude with tattoos and a cigar waving at them from a sunny porch.

          (I am trying to fix my weird ass, uneven tan).

          Also, I want to go bungie jumping. You are about the only person I know who might be able to point me to a place in the Bay Area that can make that happen – I’ve struck out hard core. “Bungie Jumping San Francisco” doesn’t give you much.

  2. g_na says

    Okay, that’s even weirder. Clearly I am going to have to have this clone eliminated before things get confusing.

    Hmm, I don’t know of any bungie jumping places in or close to SF. The closest one I know about is still a few hours away, but I don’t know anyone who’s used them, so I can’t vouch for it:

  3. matrushkaka says

    She’s gorgeous!

  4. shunaria says

    The amazing, expanding Simon!

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