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Silly Cat Keeps Hidin’

I can’t get a really good photo, but here is Gigi:

She’s a blue short hair and (they say) about 10 months old. I’m really sad that I can’t get a good photo of her right now because her coat is quite simply amazing.

She’s totally terrified about being somewhere new right now, and alternates between hiding in my closet and under the bed (in the exact same spot Simon hides, too). Simon is . . . aware that something is going on in the bedroom; the door is closed and he’s not used to that. I tried taking a nap up there so I could be around the Gigi and let her get used to me. This didn’t work out so well because Simon just sat on the other side of the door and howled.

I expect I’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight.

They are not scraping and hissing at each other from underneath the door, though.

Gigi. Gigi. I’m not sure that’s her real name. It doesn’t feel right. It’s the best I have right now; she’s too scared to let me know what it is so far.

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  1. kelowna says

    Hallo lil one!

    So pretty!

    I remember bringing the Baerp home to my other cat lil’Bean. Bean just shrieked and kept right on with her angry insistence about being the only cat in the house. Baerp didn’t care. Baerp just wandered about checking out the new digs.

    Here’s to new mews!


  2. umbria says

    Isis hid under the bed for 4 days when I got her home.
    She is really cute.

  3. matrushkaka says

    Awww! KITTEH!

  4. psymbiotic says

    She will tell you her name in time. ;>


  5. veevi says

    she’s beautiful.

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